Non-Independent Non-Executive Director
Malaysian, Male, Aged 73

Datuk Karunakaran was appointed to the Board on 1 July 2008 and subsequently elected as Chairman of the Board on 19 February 2010. He was redesignated as Non-Independent Non-Executive Director with effect from 8 March 2021. Datuk Karunakaran graduated from the University of Malaya with a Bachelor of Economics (Accounting) Hons. in 1972. He was formerly the Director General of Malaysia Investment Development Authority (“MIDA”) retiring in June 2008 after having served for 36 years. He had also served as Director of MIDA Singapore, Cologne (Germany) and London (England).

Datuk Karunakaran is also the Chairman, Independent Non-Executive Director of Maybank Ageas Holdings Berhad, Etiqa International Holdings Berhad and Maybank Singapore Limited. Datuk Karunakaran is also an Independent Non-Executive Director of Malayan Banking Berhad.

Datuk Karunakaran does not have any interest in the securities of the Company and its subsidiaries. He has no family relationships with any other Director and/or major shareholder of the Company.

Datuk Karunakaran attended seven out of eight Board Meetings held during Financial Year Ended 31 December 2022


None of the Group’s Management:

  1. Holds any directorships of other public companies.
  2. Have any family relationship with any director &/or major shareholder of the Company, apart from Tee Jia Jie, who is the son of Mr. Tee Tuan Sem, the Executive Vice Chairman of the Company.
  3. Have entered into any transaction, whether directly or indirectly, which has a conflict of interest with the Company.
  4. Have any convictions for any offences and public sanctions & penalties imposed by any regulatory bodies other than traffic offences within past five years.