Executive Chairman
Executive Director
Malaysian, Male, Aged 46

Mr Tang Ming Yng was appointed as Executive Chairman on 5 February 2024. He graduated from University of Western Australia with Bachelor of Science in Agriculture specializing in Genetics and Plant Breeding.

With a global perspective, the entrepreneurial-minded, Mr Tang has close to 20 years experiences in helming Agromate Group’s overall development and implementation of strategies and policies in its operations ranging from importing, manufacturing, warehousing, trading and distribution of fertilisers throughout the nation as well as globally across Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East and Europe.

Holding the belief that society should thrive alongside with the company’s business expansion, Mr Tang strives to actively participate in the various initiatives towards uplifting lives, alleviating poverty, supporting the needy as well as helping the communities to flourish through education and sports.

Mr Tang does not have any interest in the securities of the Company or its subsidiaries. Mr Tang is the elder brother of Mr Tang Weihann, the Chief Executive Officer of ILB Group and does not have any family relationship with any other Director and/or major shareholder of the Company.

As Mr Tang was appointed as Executive Chairman on 5 February 2024, he did not attend any of the six Board Meetings held during the Financial Year Ended 31 December 2023.

  1. None of the Directors have entered into any transaction, whether directly or indirectly, which has a conflict of interest with the Company.
  2. None of the Directors have any convictions for any offences within the past 5 years other than traffic offences.
  3. None of the Directors have any public sanctions & penalties imposed by any regulatory bodies during the financial year 2023.